Book 2: Abraham Cover Reveal

So far, the comments that I have received from the few people that have read The Nesher Project: Unrest have been positive. Most, in fact, are eager to read the second book. Last night after church I was approached by my next door neighbor and lifelong friend, Eva Meadows. As she marched toward me, I thought I had done something to get in trouble. I remember that march. When I was a child my best friend, Kevin Meadows, and I often witnessed that march, and we both knew that it was probably deserved. Last night, I couldn’t figure out what it was that I did to deserve¬†this.

Instead, she wanted to talk to me about Unrest. I thought she may be upset about some of the more violent content, but she was actually wanting to know when the second book was going to be released. According to the timeline listed in the back of Unrest, and on this website, Abraham is supposed to be published in December 2017. However, I’d like to release it earlier than that. Just a few days after Book 1’s release I told a reader that I’d like to have Abraham ready for print by September, and that is still the goal. The problem, though, is I haven’t even started writing chapter 1.

The problem, though, is I haven’t even started writing chapter 1. Although I have ideas in my head of how to write the book, it is harder to put together because of the backstory and events that were set in motion by Seth Conley in Carnegie Hills. I want to be consistent, which means I probably won’t be able to just sit down and write what the first thing that comes to mind like I did the first time. This time, I have to be deliberate with what I write and probably create an outline of events.

I can tell you this: Revelations will be made in Abraham. The people that I have talked to about Unrest have all sorts of questions. Many of those questions will be answered in the second book.

Enough of all that, though. That’s not why you’re reading this. You’re reading this because you saw that this post is supposed to provide a cover reveal for The Nesher Project: Abraham…


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