Future Projects

I’ve always got scores of ideas for new stories running through my head. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused when I am writing one story and thinking about the next one. This is true when it comes to The Nesher Project, which I was initially excited about writing. However, I’ve always wanted to write a story in which I could create a fictional universe that people could escape to, similar to that of Narnia or Middle Earth. That is why, by the end of 2021, I hope to be finished up with TNP, and moving on to what will hopefully be my greatest adventure, Adventures in Elrindor.


The Nesher Project

  • Genesis Series
    • Book 1: Unrest – In Publication
    • Book 2: Abraham – December 2017
    • Book 3: Hannah – June 2018
    • Book 4: Stephen – December 2018
    • Book 5: Awakening – June 2019
  • Revelation Series
    • Book 6: Danforth – December 2019
    • Book 7: Jeremiah – June 2020
    • Book 8: Enemy – December 2020
    • Book 9: Ezekial – June 2021
    • Book 10: War – December 2021


The Crazy, Whacky, Upside Down World of Callie Ten and Lillie Tan

  • Two young cats, Ten (calico) and Tan (yellow tabby) set off on a time-traveling adventure, making friends with some of Earth’s most influential characters in history.
    • I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to this, but it is my hope that as I write these stories, that I will find someone that is willing to be an illustrator for what I hope is an inspirational series to all youngsters to go out and change the world.


Adventures in Elrindor

  • When an author awakens to an orange sky after his plane crashes into the ocean over the Bermuda triangle, he believes himself to be dead and walking in between worlds. However, upon meeting a world-famous Navy Captain thought dead since 1974, and a host of talking creatures never seen on the Earth before, he begins to question reality as he and the captain are forced to survive in a world foreign to anything he’s ever known.

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