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Abraham – Chapter 1: Waiting

Beep … Beep … Beep … Constant. The beeping and the small noises were steady and repetitive. A reminder of just how much Abraham Murray had failed the frail soul lying in bed before him. It had been several hours since the batteries in… Continue Reading “Abraham – Chapter 1: Waiting”

Book 2: Abraham Cover Reveal

So far, the comments that I have received from the few people that have read The Nesher Project: Unrest have been positive. Most, in fact, are eager to read the second book. Last night after church I was approached by my next door neighbor… Continue Reading “Book 2: Abraham Cover Reveal”

A Trivial Pursuit

Raise your hand if you love taking online quizzes and showing off your knowledge and superiority over the 75% that are unable to ace the quiz you just took. Okay, now, raise two hands if you absolutely cannot stand and abhor the thought of scrolling through your newsfeed only to see that people have spent the majority of their days wasting time by taking online quizzes and posting their results. 

Learning from Pepper

I acknowledge that the title of this post is a bit strange. How does one learn from pepper? More often than not, as a young child, we are taught not to sniff pepper, or it could make you sneeze. Don’t put too much pepper… Continue Reading “Learning from Pepper”

Welcome, My Friends…

Welcome to the official website of Author, Eric Steven Terry. Here, you can view purchasing information for books that are currently in publication as well as a timeline for future novels. Also, feel free to browse the Sky Galler – a photo gallery dedicated… Continue Reading “Welcome, My Friends…”