The Nesher Project

The Nesher Project is a series of 10 books written about an Eastern Kentucky minister that has been falsely accused of murder. The series follows Seth Conley in his struggles dealing with the death of his wife and child and the life he is now forced to live due to the shady circumstances surrounding him. With the help of the mysterious Abraham Murray and other friends, Seth must battle against a force that would see him dead, and an America in chaos.


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The Nesher Project: Unrest

Day 1: They have accused me of killing my family. I did not kill my family. I loved my family. He killed my family. The man in the mask. He is the one who destroyed my world. His eyes… His dark eyes. I’ll never forget them. I’ll never forget the hatred and anger. Why would he hate me so much? Who was I to him? What did I do to deserve this? I did not kill my family. He did. The man in the mask. He’s the one to blame. He’s the insane one. Not me. I’m not insane.


Click here to purchase The Nesher Project: Unrest. Print: $7.99 // Kindle: $3.99


The Nesher Project: Abraham

Step back into the world of Seth Conley as his once protector, Abraham Murray tries to put the pieces of his life back together. Follow the former CIA agent and assassin for hire as he battles demons from his past while coming face to face with the supernatural. Secrets thought buried long ago are leering their ugly heads as Abraham scrambles to keep everything that he has worked for from falling apart, all while attempting to find atonement for his sins.


Click here to purchase The Nesher Project: Abraham. Print: $9.99 // Kindle: $5.99

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